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Published 08/01/19

All Software Tools

Cost Groups in Totals
You can now control which cost report group is used for the total columns in the main Estimate window (BOEMax Budget column) or the main MaxTeam (Budget, Actual, Earned, and ETC columns).  There is a new option in the Ribbon Menu, Admin tab, labeled “Cost Groups in Totals” that displays a dialog box to set these for the selected project in the applicable software tool.  This also controls the columns shown in the Enterprise Nodal Structure window ( Home > ENS ).

User Defined Global Code Structures or Fields
Any user defined code structure or field can now be designated as a global structure projects can share ( Project Data > Codes ). 


Enterprise Nodal Structure
Enterprise Nodal Structure window ( Home > ENS ). 

  • An Advance Calendar option was added to the Ribbon Menu. The option can be used to advance the calendar for a group of selected projects in the ENS.
  • A new Payment Type column and related dialog box was added. Based on the Payment Type (Public Vouchers, Progress Based Payments, Monthly Payments, Milestone/Discrete Billing, or Intercompany Billings), you can calculate cash flow to date, at completion, and monthly.

Revenue Tab

  • Added a Revenue tab in the main MaxTeam window. You can enter revenue factors at the WBS or control account level or by element of cost (EOC).  The revenue factor has two components: actual costs and estimate to complete (ETC).
  • Additional enhancements were made to the Revenue tab content. You can now set sliding actual costs.  This option is used when actual costs include a fee that is being used to calculate revenue.  You would enter two records in the revenue screen.  The first record would use an effective start date of the project start and have a revenue factor of 1 (because actuals are being used that include fee).  The second record would be used to move the effective date with current period to use whatever revenue factor is required to reflect the likely actual cost fee for the ETC value. 


Generate Forecast
Maintaining the estimate/forecast to complete settings in the main MaxTeam window.  The Generate Forecast option in the Ribbon Menu can be used to maintain the remaining work values as the calendar is advanced.  The current period ETC/forecast values are replaced with actual costs.


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